Grandpa’s Heroic Journey

Grandpas Heroic Journey

I would say that my grandfather is my unassuming hero, to many people he seems to be an average grandparent but to me, he’s the one that risked his life for me and his family. This journey had started in Vietnam and how he got to America is what makes my grandfather my hero. But where this all began was in 1980 and the trip was very risky.

It was the year 1980 in Vietnam and Tho Nguyen had to help his wife and 5 children escape from Vietnam. He and his family had to sneak up to the docks where the boats were with other families while carrying supplies. There was a guard there that saw them and they got to the boat almost being captured. “I was afraid at that moment not just about me but the rest of my family,” said Tho Nguyen. After they had gotten onto the boat they left into the ocean heading to Hong Kong.

The Nguyen family were on the ocean for a month with very little food and there were many people on the boat including the other family. After a while, they got to Hong Kong as a pit stop and lived there for one year. Tho Nguyen had to work at a small restaurant to get some money while his wife had to take care of the kids. After a year in Hong Kong, they decided it was time to go to America to start their new life.

Eventually, Tho Nguyen and the rest of the Nguyen family got to America free from the North Vietnamese government. “I was relieved that we made it because it meant that my family and I would be safe,” Tho Nguyen said. The Nguyen family stayed in New York in a small complex and Tho Nguyen continued serving restaurants to raise some money for his family. This is what makes my grandfather my hero is that he had helped the generation before me get to America to start a new successful life giving me the opportunity to start a good life of my own.