A Fatherly Hero

A Fatherly Hero

No one knows what life will bring. Christopher Hardin didn’t know. He got the chance to give what he never got. He gave the gift of a good father. This is the day he became a dad. He has three children in total who were born in Stanford Children’s Research Hospital in Palo Alto, and grew up in San Jose, California. His first child was born in 2008, and his twins were born in 2013.

Hardin explains this as his greatest accomplishment in his entire life. He never got the chance to know his own father, and was thrilled to find out he was going to become one himself. He wanted to give his children the best life possible, and to accomplish that, he had to become a role model. Something he has never had to be before. He had a lot of mixed emotions about becoming a parent. 

“[I was] happy, enthusiastic, and scared,” Christopher Hardin said. “I wanted the challenge to do for my kids what I didn’t have, but [I was] scared because I didn’t have any training.”

When he was younger, Christopher grew up just like any other kid in his neighborhood in Evansville, Indiana. He loved to go outside every day and play with the other neighborhood kids. When he did stay inside, Christopher played with his action figures and video games. For the first ten years of his life, he lived with his mother, three sisters, and one brother. He was the youngest. His mother remarried when he was around ten years old.

This father is a hero to all of his kids. He has the courage to take on not only one, but three children. While also having a full time job as a real estate worker at Google. Although he doesn’t take care of everyone by himself, it is still very challenging to balance work with family. Hardin’s first child was also born in a rough time. It was 2008, the year there was a financial crisis. But, he never gave up.

“It was the best day of my life and nothing compares,” Christopher Hardin says.

Hardin may not seem like a hero to everyone, but he sure is one to his children. He picks them up when they fall. He gives them pep talks before a big event. He helps them succeed in every way possible. My father, Christopher Hardin, is an unassuming hero.