My Wonderful Mom

My Wonderful Mom

My mom, Shea McCormic (now Shea Yan) is a very hard worker.  She works very hard everyday to help my family. She tries to give her children the childhood she never had. Her childhood was full of many siblings. My mom has 4 siblings in total.  She was the third oldest and there was 1 boy and 4 girls.  She was very into math and was really good at it. As a child she was very hard working too. She put a lot of effort into everything that she did.  She would put much effort into her schoolwork and helping her family.

Shea always tries to make everything perfect and she tries to make everyone’s life better.  It was pretty rough for Shea as a child because one of her older siblings died very young.  Her sister “Megan” died because she and her friend were driving on the freeway and she did not have her seatbelt on and she flew out the window and sadly died.  Shea still was doing really good after the death of one of her siblings.  She was determined to keep doing great things and helping others.  As a child my mom would love to play with all of her siblings. The games that she likes to play with them are “catching bees and pillow fights.”

Shea and her family loved soccer. Whenever they were bored they would go outside and play soccer with each other. They are very good and have won various medals.  One day the oldest sibling, the boy in Shea’s family was wandering off and hopping people’s fences. My mom saw the cops and dragged him out so that he would not get in trouble. She has also helped her siblings when they got hurt. One day her and one other sibling were playing soccer and  she accidentally hurt the other sibling. She immediately got help and her sibling was all better. 

As Shea kept growing she still kept making everyone feel better. She was starting to quit soccer and start a family. She met my dad Jonathan Yan at her college and happily married him.  When they were starting to make a family they started in a little house. Then I was born and was going to a chinese school.  2 years later my sister was born and was going to the same school that I was going to. My mom found a new job and we moved to a big house.  Me and my sister were supposed to go to a private school but it was up to me and chose to go to a public school.  Thanks to my mom for letting me decided what school I wanted to go to because it was a great choice.

A few years have passed and my mom was doing really good at her job and owned her own business.  Sadly my uncle, the oldest in my mom’s family, felt suicidal and died.  Yet my mom was still doing lots of work and helping me and my sister with homework.  My mom is my hero because she has been through a lot of stress and seen many deaths yet she is so kind, nice, and very hard working. This is why Shea Yan is my hero.