Three Puppies Saved


My grandma, Robin Oos, who is 74 years old has probably done a lot of good things in her life. She always helps me out, and others if we need anything. She also loves animals and has had lots of pets before. She loves helping out animals and one of her favorite animals is a dog.

About 5 years ago, she rescued three puppies who got left on the side of the road. As they were driving back to her house, she saw them lying on the floor. She noticed that they all had scars and cuts. When she saw the puppies, she immediately thought she had to do something about it. 

She first parked her car and opened the trunk to get some paper towels and water. Then saw that they do not have any collar or anything that would tell who their owner is so she decided to take them home. Then she pet and cleaned off some of the dirt on them. Then put them in her backseat wrapped in the blanket then went home. When she was in her car, she was thinking about why no one would help them earlier and how they got there.    

When she finally got to her house, she gave them food, water, and warm space. After that, she cleaned them a little more. The next day she took them to the vet to get them inspected. Luckily all three puppies did not have any serious injuries or diseases. “It was a big relief finding out they were perfectly fine.” 

After a week of taking care of them, she could see a big difference in how they behave and look. They seemed much more happy and comfortable in the house. But she knew that she couldn’t keep them as pets and that they needed to be adopted. So she contacted this one family and asked if they could adopt the three puppies. The family agreed to take them. Now it has been about 5 years and the puppies are doing great.