Worker, Father, Hero


There are many heroes around the world. But not all superheroes have capes. Bernardo Ronquillo is an unseen hero who works everyday of his life to make greatness in the world. He served as a helper, hard worker, learner, father and many other characteristics. He set goals for himself and worked hard for them and eventually reached them. Ronquillo grew up in the Philippines and didn’t have all the money in the world. He worked hard with what he had. 

Creating a new chapter in life, he moved to Texas, where he made his way making money whilst a career starting as a busboy. “How would you describe your move up the corporate ladder?” Bernardo says “Moving to America wasn’t the easiest job to complete. I had to work as a busboy at a restaurant whilst working hard to move up the corporate ladder. I was also taking classes for an engineering degree behind my resume. It wasn’t the best of days but it sure helped me improve my life for the better.” Bernardo was in a tough state for a while. But that didn’t stop him from working harder.

Bernardo first moved to America around the age of 17. He wasn’t familiar with the ‘American Ways’ and had to learn new ways and adapt. He had to learn in a short amount of time, whilst learning in school. He did find ways around it as he says, “I would say one of the hardest things to change to is the language because English isn’t my first language, Tagalog was. Necessarily, money wasn’t the hardest thing to do because it was all math and math is my strong side. Learning English and trying to adapt to America wasn’t easy but I found my ways around it.” Bernardo said.

Bernardo was always wanting to excel in engineering and have background knowledge. His job currently is supervisor at an engineering company called Intuitive Surgical. A recent interview, Bernardo claimed that he had attended classes for electrical technology and HVAC and that is how he trained for his background. How did your journey influence your career now?” Bernardo explains.“When I was a kid, I wanted to  be an engineer. But it was different in a third world country. When I got here I took classes in electrical technology and HVAC – (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). I always wanted to work with my hands, service oriented like fixing things. That is how it ended with my job today working with Intuitive Surgical. 

“What motivated me is my kids because I love my kids, and I worked hard to go to school and work,” said Bernardo. Something I learned from my father is that working hard pays off. Loud and clear, I can see my dad is happy and loves what he is doing, which is inspiring to me.