Mom to the Rescue

Mother taking care of her ill daughter

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Mother taking care of her ill daughter

My unassuming hero is my mom. She is my unassuming hero because she has done a lot for my entire family and for me and I think she would be an unassuming hero. Christie Uribe was born on August 30, 1978 in Sacramento California. She works at a company that helps people find jobs for people who were laid off. She has been taking care of my family for my entire life and has helped all of us.

Christie Uribe was raised with her sister and brother, while being the oldest sibling. She loved to dance and act. She worked hard in school, and achieved her goals by doing that. She strived from all the way back then to be the great parent she is today. She has helped my family so much and she is my unassuming hero.

Christie went to the college USC in Los Angeles and also graduated from the school. Then, she worked at another school in Los Angeles (UCLA), and that is where she met my dad. They both worked there and met each other. She started by working at her own college, then worked at another one. She has taken care of us for a long time and it’s all because she worked hard to go to college and learn how to raise children. She worked her own business a few years later and that business went very well, but she quit her business to work for the company she works for today.

Heroes are people who you believe in and who you look up to and that is what I see my mom as. She has showed me and my brother how to do everything in life and has helped us with everything that we have been stuck on, from homework, to tying shoes. She has gotten the proper medication for my brother and dad everyday that they have needed, and has helped all of us when we were sick. My mom has been there for me when I was sad, and when I was mad. She has helped me with everything in my life and she is my unassuming hero.

My mom is my unassuming hero because she has taken care of me for my entire life and my family because she loves us.