The one to wipe my tears, cherish my smiles


Life’s an adventure, a journey filled with many sordid experiences,  immense pressures, ups and downs that eventually fade over time. Krithiga Sivaprakash’s lifelong journey over the past 38 years has been filled with both happiness and sadness. She has faced the harsh reality of having a life threatening illness similar to malaria, and the excitement of moving with her family halfway around the world. “Every moment has to be cherished and enjoyed like there is no tomorrow,” says Krithiga. “Making other people happy is what leads to your true happiness.” That is my mom’s motto. She has dedicated her whole life to making my family happy. That is why she is my own ‘Unassuming Hero’ in the story of my life.

Krithiga has worked hard to be the best mom ever. “I was always searching for things in the past,” she said. “But now I am trying to be happy and content with my present state and who I am.” Krithiga loves her kids more than anything in her life. This reporter has always felt like the luckiest child on earth because my mom is the first person to wipe my tears when I am hurt and the first one to cherish my smiles.

My mother, my hero, has accomplished a lot in her life being ranked first in her class at college where her name was chiseled on the wall. However, when I asked her, “what is the greatest accomplishment of your life?” All she said was, “being the mother of two wonderful kids.”  My mother supports every single thing I do as long as it is righteous and fair to me and those around me. Even when I lose hope, she and my father are the ones who always inspire me to never give up.

When I was about four years old, my dad had an accident and slipped a disc in his back, which incapacitated him for about a year. He worked at Dell Computers as an Inside Sales Account Manager Specialist. He worked very hard day and night sitting at a desk without taking care of his health and that was the one of the reasons the disc in his back slipped. My mother took care of my father along with me, her 4-year daughter, and my 2-year old brother. She decided to search for a job and decided to take interview at my  school in India.

Unfortunately she was ‘overqualified’, so she did not get the job. I was so sad and angry at my school for not giving her the job but “everything happens for a reason, whatever’s destined to happen will happen and whatever’s destined to not happen will not happen,” says my mother. Due to her hard work and experience in software engineering, Krithiga got a job at India’s second largest technology company and provide for our family. My mom even overcame the fever she contracted, ‘dengue’, a mosquito-born, life-threatening disease caused by a virus that has no cure or vaccine. Hospitalized, she tackled this virus so she return back home to her family.

Overcoming adversity and seeing life from a positive perspective is the reason my mom, Krithiga Sivaprakash, is my hero. My mom’s love is rare and wonderful, and nothing can replace the place she fills in my heart. She never stops trying to put a smile on my face or inspiring me to be the best version of myself. Mom, I want you to know that I am so grateful to have you in my life. I love you so much… Thank you for being the strongest and best person that I know.