Putting a sleeping online publication to bed


It will not surprise anyone who homeschooled their children and worked from home for the past three months that I recruited my 15-year-old daughter this evening to help review the fourth and final edition of our Patriot Power. It is fourteen minutes before midnight and AdVenture STEM’s online publication is ready to be put to bed for the last time this year.

No words capture the surreal experience of ending a school year at your dining room table. I actually miss the noise and stench of my middle school students tonight. Instead, my three children are sound asleep in the rooms next door; my husband is watching a cricket match on his computer. June bugs are bouncing all over the place while my Siberian Husky, Tigger, sleeps nearby on the cool tile of our kitchen floor.

We made it. For now. We have June and July to figure out how to reopen in August. There is a deadly virus still looming in the shadows while an imminent conversation has erupted on the streets of our nation. We all have a lot to think about. None of the work that needs to be done will be easy. However, I know many who are ready to roll up their sleeves and sweat to make this world we live in a better place.

I want to thank my Editors-in-Chief, James Hansen and Rachel Kang, who met the challenge of motivating and corralling our reporters online this spring. I want to thank my colleagues who dedicated hundreds of hours delivering Distance Learning and teaching our students. I want to thank our staff and administration who walked 9 miles a day the last week of school and never flinched while all the rules changed on a weekly basis. Mostly, I want to thank my students–present, past and future–who look at our world with hearts full of love and continue to believe that change is possible.

That’s a wrap, AdVenture STEM and Herman Intermediate. Until next school year, whatever that looks like–

Jodi Edwards-Wright, Digital Journalism and English Teacher