Humans and Nature


Animals have been on this planet for longer than anyone can imagine. People have animals as pets such as dogs, cats, lizards, birds etc. Animals come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Some have four legs, a few have only two, while others don’t have legs at all. Some animals live in water while others prefer land. Something that makes animals unique and smart is their ability to adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in. Now animals are roaming cities because people are on lockdown. Because of the pandemic, people around the globe are encountering animals that are rare or, in some cases, animals they have never been seen before. 

Animals are roaming cities because they think it’s safe. Generally, animals don’t really like humans; however, since most people are stuck in doors, animals are venturing forth. After this they might be more friendly once people return. Some might be killed because they are venomous or dangerous. Once animals see people back on the streets again they might leave because they are scared of people. Some animals might want to stay and enjoy the food readily available in cities.

People are seeing animals like buffalo, mountain goats, sea birds, and wild boars. These animals have been roaming cities like Ajaccio, Venice, Llandudno, Wales, and New Delhi, etc. In South Africa, not the arctic,  penguins have been roaming the streets. Swans have returned to the canals in Venice, and dolphins have returned to the coasts of Amalfi in Italy. Once people stop sheltering in place, poisonous and venomous animals might hurt or kill people. Once that animal hurts someone, they will be removed or destroyed.

Animals are roaming cities because they think it’s safe, and they might be a little curious. People are going to try to kill some animals because they are dangerous. Once animals see people back on the streets they might leave because they instinctively avoid people, and they don’t want to take any chances. But, for now, these sightings are rare and a thing of beauty to be treasured.