Nature all around us


While most of us are stuck inside during COVID-19, it can be hard to see what is going on outside. Many parks are closed; places like Yosemite are completely closed. This means that there is nobody walking on the trails except for some staff. Because of these extraordinary circumstances, where everyone is sheltering in place, people are seeing many more animals in places they normally wouldn’t be. Even in cities like San Francisco where coyotes have been spotted roaming the streets. 

Since we aren’t going outside as much, there is less litter in nature parks. This means animals are healthier because they are eating plants and animals suited to them. People also aren’t disrupting areas as much or scaring animals away, so they are roaming in interesting places. Some alligators have even been spotted in urban areas. Since factories are closed, there is less pollution, which is also better for the animals.

It’s been a hundred years since a pandemic swept the globe. Because of people’s need to quarantine and maintain social distance, our world has come to a temporary halt. Nature is on the rebound, for now. This is our chance to pay attention to the changes and appreciate the beauty all around us.