A cleaner world because of coronavirus


Businesses have shut down, everyone is quarantined, what’s the plus side? Clean air is the plus side.  Since there are less people out and public areas have shut down, there is less pollution around the world. Also, the amount of pollution has really affected the chances of dying from coronavirus. Studies have shown that there is a small particle called PM2.5 which is a particle that has been breathed in for many years. This particle sharply raises the chances of dying from this virus. This outbreak isn’t just happening in one place, this is happening all over the world and because of this, people have been put in a  Shelter-In-Place. Along with this, humans and animals have been affected by this because it has changed their daily routines. 

Since Coronavirus has forced businesses and factories to close, the pollutants from the factories have lowered, which means the air is becoming cleaner. PM2.5 has really affected the chances of us dying from coronavirus. But, since we have been in shelter-in-place, there are less pollutants in the air. 

The PM 2.5 particle has increased the number of deaths caused by Coronavirus. There were 1,904 deaths reported as of April 4. If the particle had averaged a unit down over the past two decades, researchers have shown that there would be 248 less deaths. This cleaner air has also left hospitals with more and more Coronavirus cases. From this short time of clean air there have been less heart attacks, strokes and visits to the Emergency Room. The air pollution has more health effects on people than you think. Just from this short time of quarantine people are able to breathe fresher air.

We have been talking about what PM2.5 is and what it does to the atmosphere, but where exactly does it come from? PM2.5 is created from burning fossil fuels or Co2 that mostly comes from industry, vehicles and domestic boilers. PM2.5 has been affecting our globe longer than Covid has. PM2.5 is in the US and around the world, but is mostly in India, China, and parts of Asia. Once covid hit , everything has shut down. Since places are closed, the Co2 that was helping the PM2.5 stay in the air, has decreased. As a result, the amount of the harmful particle has also lowered.

No one wanted this pandemic to happen, but we are quarantined in our houses bored out of our minds. It’s been good that we are quarantined because it has helped the air that we breathe become cleaner. Now that we aren’t just roaming around like we usually are and not driving as much, this particle has been decreasing in our atmosphere and so has the Co2. PM2.5 could cause many bad conditions like heart disease and weaken your lungs ,which just makes it easier for your immune system to contract Covid-19. This pandemic has killed over 400,000 people worldwide to date. Social distancing has proven to be the most effective means of preventing the spread of Covid-19.