WebEx, Zoom and Google Meet


Right now there are a lot of school changes, including online classes and online school. It’s hard right now, but there are a lot of ways to interpret this. Maybe you’re doing your work and getting stuff done. Others are ignoring the school’s changes and how many students are challenged in their new learning environments.  One big thing right now is how people are thinking and their reaction to this significant change in their education. The education system has gone from simply cancelling extra curriculars, to cancelling the entire in school education. These reactions are very important.

Right now a big factor is the change for these students. In the beginning, it was mandatory online schoolwork. You didn’t need to do it, but teachers said that you should. Soon after, many teachers began hosting meetings on WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms where they would talk about their assignments as if they were back in the classroom. 

Though it was very hard for the students to adapt, many people chose to think more positively and participate in online classes and assignments. On the other hand, some people decided to watch Netflix for more than 12 hours or simply just hiding and doing nothing.

Throughout these past couple months or to what people believe has been millions of days, many people have started to understand what’s going on and have began to engage in new hobbies like gardening and other activities. It’s very hard right now to keep calm because of all the countless hours spent on your computer, which makes it even more of a challenge to stay on task and keep from becoming distracted. 

In these times it’s hard to stay on track with endless amounts of school work to do.  Covid-19 is very hard to deal with not only because all of these changes that no one saw coming, but it has been very hard to pay attention in school. This is hard to believe and deal with, especially because of how all of this happened in only a couple months.