Safe and Clean Amusement Parks


During the entire global pandemic, lots of lives have been changed. Lots of people are wondering when life will return back to normal. As we enter summer, plans for going to amusement parks are being made. But how will COVID-19 affect them? Disneyland is starting to slowly reopen but with limited guests permitted inside. Great America has also taken initiative by extending all 2020 passes to 2021. They have taken this downtime to improve the park safety to ensure all visitors can remain free of coronavirus.

Following the guidance of health experts and government officials, select Disney locations have been closed until further notice due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Disneyland Resort theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and the Downtown Disney District are all included in this closure to keep employees and visitors safe during these trying times.

Once officials deem it safe, Disney locations are planning on reopening with limited capacity and may be subject to restricted availability in an attempt to keep everyone involved safe and healthy. In response to the pandemic, the Disneyland Resort released a statement about the circumstances of the parks opening, saying that, “…attractions, experiences, services, and amenities, may be modified, have limited availability or remain closed.”

Disney plans to explore and put more safety measures in place for the future to help ensure the wellbeing of their cast, employees, and visitors. So far, they have considered a phased reopening process, meaning a gradual or partial reopening of specific locations. They are also planning to implement cleanliness and sanitation measurements such as increased cleaning and disinfection, better location of said disinfection (for example, high traffic areas are in greater need of these measures), and reconsidering what cleaning products and processes they will use. They will also continue to provide cast members with updated training and reinforcement before opening to the public to further emphasize their concern about the safety of everyone involved.

Great America, based in Santa Clara CA, is another local amusement park that has been affected negatively by the coronavirus outbreak. In the absence of customers, the park has taken advantage of this time and has begun to focus on keeping their park safe enough for the reopening, as well as safe enough to prevent the spread of viruses in the future. In a FAQ (frequently asked questions) addressing how they will do their part to keep the park safe for their customers, California’s Great America has stated that, “To protect our guests and associates and prevent the spread of illness, we employ rigorous sanitation standards and robust cleaning procedures…” Great America is focusing on the sanitation aspect of the recovery from coronavirus and is offering extensive training for associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic environment, appropriate protective clothing and gear for associates who are assigned cleaning duties, and procedures for cleaning and disinfection of areas throughout the day and where illness has been suspected or reported.

 To make up for missing majority of the year, Great America has also kindly offered to extend all 2020 passes into 2021. As well as introducing new safety and health measures, Great America will continue to implement and not undermine daily sanitation procedures that don’t necessarily have to do with COVID-19. Procedures like cleaning everything from bathroom and kitchen faucets and sinks to benches and trash cans, and continuing to offer first aid stations for minor health issues.