The Upside of Quarantine


Sometimes it feels like quarantine during a pandemic limits and encloses you. With the increasing number of coronavirus cases and Shelter-in-Place being extended until the end of May, it can make you feel disappointed or sad. The coronavirus pandemic has done a number of things to our society. Many things aren’t the same and won’t be for a while. People have lost their jobs, school has been canceled, graduations have been postponed, and stores have gone out of business, to name a few. This is a rough time for everyone; we all have different ways coping, and we have to remember to focus on the positive. There are many progressive things going on in our world right now. We can finally see the stars clearly for the first time in a while, animals have been seen in places where they’ve never been spotted before, pollution levels are decreasing because most of the population is staying inside. For the first time in forever, Jalandhar citizens who live in Punjab, India saw the snow capped mountains of the Dhauladhar Mountain range. This was a first sighting of the mountain range for some citizens who have never seen it in real life due to high pollution levels. China has also experienced a reduction of nitrogen dioxide levels just from January to February 2020. 

On the other hand, celebrities like John Krasinski are creating Youtube videos weekly, sharing good news happening in the US. So far on his show, “Some Good News” he has hosted a virtual prom, a virtual graduation, and has brought the community together over Zoom. Famous chefs like Guy Fieri, are partnering with organizations to keep restaurant owners or workers who have lost their job, on their feet. Guy raised over 20 million dollars so far, and is on his way to 100 million. Not only celebrities are giving back, regular citizens are giving out food for the more affected, breweries are making hand sanitizer, and  businesses are providing housing for first responders. There have also been many birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and other get-togethers that happened while maintaining social distancing. 

Even in this time of crisis, people are still uniting together and helping each other any way they can. These efforts will help communities all over the world not give up hope during quarantine. By people showing that they care for the most impacted people, or first responders, it makes everyone want to start or continue doing their part. Also, the fall of air pollution levels will help most heavily polluted parts of the world like China, Pakistan and India. In the past couple of months while most countries have been in Shelter-In-Place, our earth has the time to heal. There is lots of inspiration and innovation spreading all around the world right now, even with this pandemic going on. The positivity and hopefulness that everyone is spreading right now is  boosting everyone’s happiness and that is the most important thing during this time.