Longer, Warmer Days = Restless Students

Longer, Warmer Days = Restless Students

Fire up your best lesson plans. Crack down on classroom management. Spring is here! Students are ready to break free from the confines of the classroom and run outside. Even the mile run during PE is sounding pretty appealing right now…

As winter thawed, Digital Journalism students wrote about political and social justice issues that impact their lives. They studied fake news stories and how the media affects presidential elections. Today, they proudly published the 3rd Edition of the Patriot Power, Herman and AdVenture STEMS online newspaper.

Shout out to our Editors-in-Chief, Jeryah Machado and Emi Nishihara, who learned everything they need to know about publishing articles written by SNO reporters from Nick Boniface and Neila Martinico, Editors-in-Chief of the 1st Edition, and Jack Concordia and Megan Brotherston, Editors-in-Chief of the 2nd Edition of the Patriot Power.

We welcome your feedback and invite all our readers to leave their comments at the end of the articles they read.

Enjoy! And remember to take a walk outside today.