Climate Change

Climate Change

Imagine you had to leave your home because of a huge global problem? You remember all the memories you’ve had in that house, just to leave it. Well, climate change is becoming a huge problem for the whole world, it is starting to pollute the air and some areas of the world are being affected more than others. This problem is getting so extreme that people now have to move away from their home because of the air being so dangerous to breathe. 

Climate change is when the air gets so polluted that it is dangerous to breathe, this also then causes global warming. The U.N. has found out a way to slow down climate change, they say you should change the way you eat and the way farmers manage forests. You could be playing a part of global warming without evening knowing. Global warming is such an important problem to stop because it is affecting our environment, animals, and the human race.

Global warming is such a big problem and not many people are taking action to stop this problem. Global warming is a big problem and for those people who are not taking action, you should because climate change will affect the air which will cause lots of harm to your body. The people that can stop this or could stop a lot of this don’t help and not many people can take action on this problem so we need to stop this.

Not only is this harmful to your body but for the ecosystem too. Global warming is also warming the ocean and could also kill marine life. Many coral reefs have bleached because of global warming and some people don’t even know it. North Africa has the worst climate change and even without climate change their air is bad. Climate change is not only polluting the air but the water too and if we don’t stop climate change now it would be even harder to stop in the future.

The U.N. has found out ways to slow down climate change and those are to change the way you eat and how farmers far the forest could be bad because you are not only killing animals in the proses but the environment with it too. Climate change is ruining the air for a lot of people but in some places you shouldn’t breathe in the air because it could be harmful to your body and lungs.