October Exhibition Night

Ring Toss Carnival Game

Nathaniel Ward

Ring Toss Carnival Game

Luke Pires, Author

Student Exhibition Night is a single night a term that is a time that occurs every 2-3 months when students present their favorite project from that term to guests and parents. The last one occurred on October 11, 2017 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. The whole school participated but some classes only presented a few different projects. In one 7th grade Elective, kids picked the carnival game from math while others chose the periodic table from science class. 

Exhibition Night is designed for AdVenture STEM students to show parents what they’ve been doing that term. It informs both teachers and parents what students accomplished; what they had the most fun doing and consider their favorites. Based on project selections, science and math offered the most fun assignments. 

Students work hard for this night by making flashy poster boards with all their information on them and used index cards to practice their verbal presentation. Students informed adults and other students in a 30-second elevator pitch  everything they needed to know about their project and why they chose it for Student Exhibition Night.

AdVenture STEM  teacher Ms. Zaccheo said, “I like to stay in and see how proud students and parents alike are when showing off or seeing the projects.” She thinks the school could make it more of a fun event by bringing in food trucks or games that can be played after all the projects have been viewed

In response to what the biggest problem was, she said “The biggest problem we have right now is the noise. So many kids and parents packed into such a small area really makes it hard to hear, and if you have something on a Chromebook there is no really good way to present it without headphones,” said Ms. Zaccheo.

Student Exhibition Night is something that will never leave AdVenture STEM and is a quality night for all, but it could still use some improvements.