School Shootings


Imagine that you were in class and a shooter came bursting through the door. What would you do at that moment? Around the world, hundreds of innocent adults and kids die from school shootings every year. Just from 2010 to 2019 there were 417 school shootings. We should create more awareness about this topic because many innocent people and children have died from school shootings in the US every year.

Children all around the world are victims of school shooters. Some recent shootings that have occurred in the US were in Santa Clarita California, Baltimore, Langston Oklahoma and Warrensburg Missouri. The numbers of these incidents are rising at a rapid pace.

At Parkland Florida, a school with about 17 children were injured and 17 were killed by a school shooter. This incident happened in 2018 and many people still do this harmful act or plan to do it. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, took 26 lives, 20 of the victims were children, prompting President Barack Obama to cry on television.  

Many people lose their love ones from this harmful act every year. For example, in Virginia Tech, there had been 32 victims of school shootings. In Northern illinois University there were 5 victims of a school shooting, these shootings were very deadly attacks.

School shooters can happen from a kid with a rough childhood to a victim of bullying. According to AP news, kids get their guns off the street, this was told by an inmate. This is the main way kids or school shooters get their guns. Someone at the age of 16 bought a gun off the streets and after a football game, killed one man, as well as two youths were wounded. Soon the police arrested him after that horrific act.

School shootings affect many people every year. Every witness and victims families in these shootings suffer. Innocent kids getting their lives taken by a gun. Families knowing their kid has passed away from a shooter is traumatizing. This is why all of us as a people have to stand up against these school shootings. We can do this by raising money for the families that have suffered from this issue and creating more anti-bullying programs.