Cross Country Wins Two Trophies

Hermans cross country team

Herman’s cross country team

Ruby Carter, Reporter

On October 18, 2017 at Christmas Hill Park in Gilroy, Herman’s Cross Country team won two team trophies in the cross country finals. Herman’s students were racing against the schools in the East Side Athletic League. Herman won trophies for having the fastest C girls team and fastest C boys team.

The cross country finals were divided into 6 races. Regardless of what grade they’re in, students are placed on one of the C teams if they are shorter than 5’ 2”. The Herman C boys team won a team trophy for being the fastest school for the C boys race, and Herman’s C girls team also won a team trophy for being the fastest school in the C girls race.

The students on the cross country team have improved significantly over the course of the cross country season. “They have become so much faster and stronger, and besides getting faster and stronger I hope they have began to believe in themselves,” says Ashley St. Lawrence, Cross Country Co-coach. Students have been pushing themselves harder and harder over the cross country season.

The students on the cross country team are pushed each day to do better. “Anything I love doing I want to pursue,” says Nicolas Reed, one of the top runners on the cross country team. “And I love running.” The coaches agreed that the students were progressing. “The fact the there was a cross country meet coming up each week pushed the students to do better,” says Jacqueline Kierns, Cross Country Co-coach. 

Students and coaches are proud of this year’s cross country team’s accomplishments. “I enjoy seeing my students succeed,” says Ashley St. Lawrence. The team has made an amazing accomplishments and hopes to keep improving for years to come. For more information on Herman’s cross country team visit