Women’s Rights

Women's Rights

Ever since the 1920s, women were able to wear pants, now women are able to join the military and vote, yet still, women are treated as if they are only housewives or they are useless. The Metoo movement and the Women’s March in March are some protests that stand for women’s rights. Even though people may think that some countries will treat everyone the same, women are treated to please men. 

The Metoo Movement is about women speaking out about their sexual assault or misconduct experience and wanting to be treated as human, not like an object. It started as a hashtag, that was at first popular, & soon it went viral, creating a name for this organization. Then it continued as a march and a protest against sexual misconduct with survivors who have gone through their terrible experience & other people who are willing to support this cause.

Equal pay for equal play. The women’s U.S. soccer team won the World Cup at least 4 times with their 4th win in 2019. The men’s soccer team hasn’t won any and yet the men’s team got paid more. The Women’s soccer team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit before the 2019 tournament that demands to get paid the equal amount of what the Men’s Team gets. Once they won the tournament, the members of FIFA soccers international governing body, will give the women’s team a $4 million bonus along with about $30 million they won from the World Cup. “I feel that it should be based off of how well they do, off of their ability.” says Mrs. Albergotti a STEM teacher at Herman/AdVENTURE middle school.

“I believe that we need more acceptance in our community for women.”  Says Ms. Flores, the Principal at Herman/AdVenture middle school. Many teachers also believe that we should help the middle school girls fight for their rights as women,  Ms Flores also said “middle school girls have to build each other up, not put each other down.” Middle school science teacher Mrs. Garcia says, “Change starts with an individual.” Ms. Albergotti explains how and when a man says something to another man, the explanation is clear, but when a woman says something to a man, the man either doesn’t listen to her, or doesn’t take her seriously. When trying to get her point crossed she needs to argue her point very strongly for him to finally understand. “It’s wrong that we have to fight for the rights that we should already have because we are human and we deserve these rights.” Ms. Albergotti explains. 

We asked the interviewees that if they were treated differently today because they are female, how would they feel. Mrs. Albergotti and Ms. Garcia agreed that they are already being treated differently because they’re female. “In the work space, it is likely for a male to get promoted then for a woman.” says Ms. Flores. Ms. Albergotti tells us that people should be paid for not just one first sight, but off of their quality of their work. It is wrong to fight for rights that we are already provided for, but yet it seems that women everywhere are treated as if they are useless. Women’s voices are needed to be heard in the world because no one knows what they will say.