Australian Wildfires

Australian Wildfires

One billion is just a little less than the amount of people who live in China. That is sadly the same amount of animals that have been affected or killed during the Australian wildfires this year. That’s the same amount of people who reside in the main area of New South Wales. People around the world care about this issue because it kills the earth as well as animals, plants, firefighters and the citizens of Australia. You might think that humans aren’t affected by these fires, but they unfortunately have to breathe in the toxic air from the fires every day.

The fires may also cause extinction to some animals. People who live where these fires are happening, might get their houses burned down. These wildfires have burned at least 12 million acres in Victoria and New South Wales alone. These wildfires have caused animals to be injured or even killed. Trees have also been burnt to the ground  causing 500 million animals to be inhabited. Climate change and wildfires have been a problem for a really long time but they started increasing in the past couple years. Climate change and wildfires started getting more intense from around 1980 to now, (2020.) The Australian wildfires have been burning since September 2019. That is almost half a year of constant wreckage of the New South Wales area, including all the organisms that live in that part of Australia.

The Australian wildfires were caused by extreme heat, strong winds, droughts, climate change, lightning, human effects, etc. Australia’s climate has warmed up by 33.8 degrees fahrenheit over the past century. This causes heat waves and droughts which increases the risk of bushfires. The fire in some areas was started by lightning strikes. Even though climate change did not start the fires, it had a big effect on it. Climate change has kept the fire thriving killing more animals by the minute. Climate change has caused the earth to have warmer temperatures which keeps the vegetation dry causing the fire to continue on.  

Climate change has first became new to us 30 years ago. Yet nothing has really changed to solve the problem. We all take a part in climate change and help it thrive. It is our job to make this issue stop. Greta Thunberg is 17 years old and is an activist against climate change.  She is one of the youngest people to be nominated for the nobel peace prize. She has also tried to solve the Australian fires problem. She says, “ All of this still has not resulted in any political action. Because we still fail to make the connection between the climate crisis and increased extreme weather events and nature disasters like the #AustraliaFires. That has to change. And it has to change now”. These are the quotes that she has said proves that she is against these fires and the climate change behind it. 

These fires have been going on for months now and firefighters have been trying to stop them ever since they began. Unfortunately, they’ve tried almost everything to put an end to these fires but they are unstoppable. Firefighters are doing everything they can but that won’t be enough. We have to contribute to saving these animals, homes, plants and the whole South Wales area in Australia. Our whole economy played a big part in creating these fires in the first place, so we have to play a part in stopping them.