Disability Hate Crimes


The Oklahoman

Andre Edge reacts to a good roll, Wednesday, January 20, 2010. Special needs students from Del Crest Middle School in Del City bowling at Planet Bowl in Midwest City. Photo by David McDaniel.

Hate crimes are happening all over the world, and are excluding others for race, gender, sexual identity, disability, etc. this makes others feel ashamed for being something they never wanted anyone to get into or make fun of. A disability is “a physical or mental condition” that can prevent someone’s ability to move or sense things, these disabilities are things completely out of the blue. Right now over 1000 hate crimes go unreported, this causes the person to keep making hate crimes because of it.

Violence to people with disabilities are more likely to happen about 2.5 times more likely to happen to a person without any disabilities. Jennifer Daughtery was a 30-year-old woman in Pennsylvania,“with intellectual disabilities” she loved making friends and listening to music, she posted on her myspace account one day,“This is my time to make a new start for myself, and making some new friends and not being afraid of anything …,”. Right before she’d thought it would never happen. She decided to meet up with six men and women ranging from the ages 17-36. After two days they physically hurt her and humiliated her, eventually she was murdered by them. The whole death was just because of her disability, she died in 2007.

Out of this massive world 48.9 million people in the world have disabilities. That means that nearby 15,616hate crimes occurred in 2018. In the recent year 2017 there were 8,437 hate crimes about race, gender, disability, and gender identity. This happened in 2017 according to the website Hate Crime Reports, about 59.6% were targeted. But this isn’t only hate crimes, this is all the crimes so that means nearly 60% are getting targeted and that’s not safe for people around them. If you were one of three people how would you feel? Just because of their disabilities does not mean that they don’t want to be treated like how we do.

Everyone in this world has different strengths and weaknesses either small or big, but people with more severe are more likely to be targeted because they have a disability. As our world grows more and more, people are going to have the likelihood of being disabled. This comes down to more hate crimes targeting people with disabilities some are  physical abuse, false accusations, more frequent incidents, and the line keeps on going. This hate crime is also very under reported though people with disabilities are more likely to experience something like this by 2.5 times the person without a disability would in our world. 

Disabilities aren’t something to be ashamed of, people with disabilities are people to be treated like a normal person with the exception of their needs. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses so do people with disabilities, so there’s no reason to be so cruel towards a people who have just a slight difference than others, just like we all have different face shapes and body sizes. Hate crimes are happening all over the world because of peoples disability, race, gender, and identity, there’s no business excluding others for who they really are. People are dying because of people’s crimes towards others for who they are, like Jennifer.