Wild Winter Wonderland


We don’t have official Snow Days in San Jose, but if we did, our students would be on the slopes of the closest mountain, learning how to flip in the air on their snowboards. Our teachers would probably say, “We need some snow days!” Even if it’s 32 degrees outside, our students are ‘chomping at the bit’–just like horses anxious to head back home–to run around outside. That might not happen today; however, reporters from Digital Journalism are ready with the next best thing: our 2nd edition of the Patriot Power.

As we end the fall semester, enjoy reading all about Herman and AdVenture’s annual carnival, Charity Fair, roller coasters, Frozen 2, Amazon rainforests, wildfires, basketball, technology, animal cruelty, the latest software, Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, Winterfest, pollution, popular television shows, Anime, Fortnite, Minecraft and the Legend of Zelda, and the final Star Wars movie (for now). 7th grade reporters have found their voices and fixed (most) of their technical errors. We encourage you to leave comments and pretend you are sitting at the top of Heavenly sipping on a cup of hot chocolate while you read our stories.