Roller Coasters to the Sky

Roller Coasters to the Sky

You’re strapped with two belts. You hear a terrifying clickety clack. The sound makes your heart race as you lean back facing the sky. Without warning, your cart plummets towards the ground. You are on your first roller coaster ride.

Roller coasters were invented in 1884. The first roller coaster opened in Paris,  Parc Beaujon in 1884. This was the first modern coaster build because many people enjoy the originals. Today you can find some coasters in our local amusement parks Great America and Six Flags.

Roller coasters are used for amusement for  people that are bored and want to have a great time on a nauseating intense ride. Some people are scared of roller coasters because they can break down any time. People are scared of these coasters but some roller coasters are rated from scary to least scary.

Roller coasters are usually seen in theme parks such as Six Flags and many more places. When you are on a roller coaster you can feel the big thrill of being on a roller coaster. Some of the best roller coasters are The Tatsu which is located in the Samurai Summit which is  one of the best attractions at Six Flags. The Steel Vengeance is a very fun roller coaster in frontier town and is one which is also located in Six Flags.

These coasters are made for uses of entertainment for all ages you sometimes have to be a certain height to ride. All coasters are rated from least novice intense these different rides are rated so people know if they want to ride it or not. There are thousands of types of engineers. But ride engineers are called amusement engineers, these are the people that design roller coasters and not only that bt rides and machines for entertainment purposes.

They can build all of these because they have permission from the state and then they start building. This can take months because of tests and breakdowns of the ride. Every time the ride breaks down they have to repeat the whole process, test and rebuild certain areas, test more and then it’s back open. Jodi Edwards Writes was one of the people we interviewed to get information about some roller coasters, her first roller coaster she has ever been on is the giant dipper, she started riding them when she was 14. Mrs. Edwards-Wright, an ELA teacher at AdVenture STEM,  loves riding roller coasters. Her favorite roller coaster is the one from her childhood along the Boardwalk in Pacific Beach. It’s just like the Grizzly at Great America, only the view at the top is of the ocean. She likes the sound of wooden roller coasters and doesn’t like high-speed rail roller coasters as much. Her favorite part of riding roller coasters is when you’re banking a big fat turn. The worst part of roller coasters is when your neck goes back and forth like whiplash. 

People love these thrilling  roller coasters. In fact, many people around the world don’t know what they would have done if these were not ever invented, this is also a great thing to make your boring self have fun and start being  excited about being on a roller coaster. Next time your pretty bored try and check out one of our local amusement parks or some place like Great America or Six Flags they have all sorts of rides and one of Jodi Edwards favorite roller coasters is there.