Winter Break

When its December 20, the very last bell on 6th period rings, you’re all packed up and ready to go. You run outside and hyped up all because of Christmas or Winter Break. What is this you may ask? Well, it is a 2 week long break where students won’t have to attend school. Most students don’t have much work or any work at all to do during the break. In total it is 16 days. Every student in the Oak Grove School District has this break from school. Other school districts also enjoy this break but sometimes their breaks are longer or shorter.

 The starting day of the break Monday, December 23 but we are released from school on  Friday, December 20, so technically Friday is the beginning of winter break. The reason we are lucky enough to have this break is because of the holiday Christmas or Hanukkah. Which is during the first week of Winter Break. Students are able to go anywhere during this time which can include trips or just staying at home playing video games.

People celebrate Christmas in many different ways. People might not even celebrate this holiday, they may celebrate Hanukkah. People who celebrate Hanukkah get presents everyday for 11 days straight. They also have a set of candles which represents everyday and they light one candle each day. Both Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrated around the same time, there are different holidays for different people. But both holidays are fun and are enjoyed. 

During Winter break two major holidays happen. Another holiday that happens around this time is the holiday New Years. For other people it may be their favorite. They might go on annuel trips around this time without having to worry about the little or no homework they have for the next 2 weeks.