How BoTW 2 Reminds us of Freedom in Games



“Imagine fighting against each other on an online game, with any weapons and a wide space, with certain rules to follow. Would you think of this as ‘with no limits?’ Or would you think of this as ‘limited’? That was what Shigeru Miyamoto, previous director of The Legend of Zelda series, stated. Video games tend to be more competitive against others and abide by some kind of rules. “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (BoTW)”, newly directed by Hidemaro Fujibayashi, is a sandbox adventure game that not only added better graphics, a bigger story line and wider mysteries to the long “Zelda Timeline”, but also reminded gamers the purpose of playing in a virtual world, and the impact of creating a “free” game. Today we want to talk about The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, (BoTW), and how it relates to the exciting sequel of the masterpiece announced to be coming out in January 2021 just a few months ago, and how it tells us what freedom in games are. 


In BoTW’s quest, the player can choose between collecting different weapons, expanding his inventory, becoming rich, getting the sacred weapon Master Sword, building their own house, being a fashion model, or do all of them, or none. That is why Nintendo kept the original BoTW’s main story fairly simple. You play as a boy named Link who sets off on a quest to save Princess Zelda from the main antagonist of the game, Gannon. Then they happily ever after. However, in the sequel, it extends further. You see, The Legend of Zelda games are a story in this huge timeline mentioned earlier as the “Zelda Timeline”, and a lot of the times the story is too well made for the developers to end in one game, so they leave a clue. Although most of the time you can tell when this is about to happen, as the “missing clue” is too apparent, in BoTW, the clue was a never expected fact for players.


On the other hand, BoTW’s storyline is a bit pessimistic. After you beat “Calamity Ganon”, you almost forget about what happened to his corpse, since its evil spirit (malice) distracts you. What the creepy and scary trailer also revealed to us, however, was that Calamity Ganon in the prequel was still an incomplete state meaning that Ganon will, in fact, return stronger. Also, as the final boss comes back in the sequel, we could also hope some comebacks of original enemies including the Guardian, an 8 leg stalking robot that can shoot devastating laser beams (from BoTW). Also, by reversing the music in the trailer you can hear Zant’s Theme. Zant is a middle-boss in the game Twilight Princess for the Wii, and we might be able to expect his return. However, adding so many characters and story, will the game still retain its “freeness” from the prequel?


There are also many other concerns about if the game is going to be worth the same price. Joaquin Medrano, a 7B student at AdVenture STEM, argues “Although it looks like a fine game, I do not know if it will be better than the original. The first game’s moving story has really set the bar high, and The Legend of Zelda Development Team has never tried creating a horror game before, although they did add some creepy aspects in Majora’s Mask.” The good spot of the game is not actually the main mission, but the side missions. We still do not know if Nintendo intends to keep those side missions, having the main story so big. All in all, since the sequel is based on the Hyrule Castle and not the main world, there may be less to no interactions. These all seem to point at South from “freedom”, and it is all up for Hidemaro. Will and can the new director take this many responsibilities on his second game? All we can say is, hopefully. 


Overall, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was a masterpiece. It lets the players have their own original adventure and story, but eventually, binds them up into the ending. So although many gamers including the students here are excited for the variety and the horror aspect of BoTW 2, it will be a challenge for the development team. So to answer the question “Will BoTW 2 be good?”, no one really knows, not even Nintendo. Leaked information arise promising many things such as co-op, an addition to the story line, and better graphics. One thing we know for a fact is that no one will know further details and “answers” yet. Maybe things could be enjoyed before it has even been created, no matter which genre, which company made it, or even whether it is a video game or not. Think of it, the only reason video game ads make money is because people are truly excited for it. Either way, everyone is excited for BoTW 2, and that might be all that’s important.