The 7th Grade Girls A Basketball Team


Once the buzzer rings, its gametime. You have 30 seconds to go over your strategy in your head and think about what to do and what not to do. Your team steps in the court and places their positions, the ref throws up the ball, and the game starts. Our basketball team name was the Herman Patriots and it was a team of seventh grade girls. The season started in the first semester of 2019 in October and ended in December. When in an A team for any school sport, there is usually practice everyday or almost everyday. For practice, they would either practice in the gym or rarely on the blacktop. They played 9 games, 8 of them where just the games you would regularly play when on a team. The ninth game was the playoff game that they unfortunately lost. 

Usually when a school has a team, the people of the school would probably want to know how their team is doing and when the teams games are so they could come out and support the team. The A-team was created the week after October break. 16 girls tried out but 11 made it but one of the girls quit so the team was only 10. When they were first trying out for the team, they had to go through tryouts. During the tryouts they had to dribble the ball along the court, shoot the ball, and pass the ball from one person to another. The tryouts were two days long because some girls were still doing softball and they wanted to tryout. They found out they got on the team because she posted the roster on school loop and she put it up on the locker room. 

Ms. Mendoza is a PE teacher at AdVENTURE STEM/Herman. We asked her 5 questions about the basketball team she coached this season and here are her thoughts. She wants to “coach A team basketball for as long as her schedule allows her to because she is a student working on her masters degree.” The school has been doing A team basketball since it opened. She wanted to coach the A team because “she enjoyed the competition. Even though she has coached basketball at the school for a few years, she has never been on a team but learned how to play in college after taking a 6 week course. She had to learn how all the defense/offense moves and strategy.”

Jeanny Le is a seventh grade student and was on the A team. She was also given a set of questions and this was her thinking on it. She is interested and likes it because she  has “been playing basketball since 3rd grade.” She’s been playing basketball since 3rd grade but this 7th grade year was her first year she went on an actual team. When playing basketball, she wants to improve her game on defense because even though people are good at defense in their own way, but everyone has something to work on. When she is playing basketball, she really enjoys making layups because she is “the best at those.” After playing on the A team, she would want to play on the basketball team next year.

Megan Brotherston is also a seventh grader and went to almost all of the games of the A team. She says that “I like going to your guy’s games cause you work together as a team.” Another thing she said was, “They need to work on being more aggressive and to work on their stealing.” She also mentioned that “Something that their team is good at is being open and getting ready to receive the passes.” She also talked about how “the school needs to mention the basketball team more so more people go to our game.” Even though she always went to our games, she was never on a team herself. She has never been on a team but she does have her own basketball hoop at her house. She uses that because “It’s fun shooting hoops.”

In final, the girls basketball team was very well known and did decent this season. Even though they only won 50% of their games, they still put a lot of motivation and they had lots of fun with the team.The coach Ms. Mendoza said things like she wanted to coach the A team because “she enjoyed the competition.” When they interviewed Jeanny, she joined the A team because she has “been playing it since 3rd grade and liked the game.” And when they  interviewed Megan, she talked about things like “the team worked well together.” She came to a lot of our games and brought friends with her that had great team spirit. So even though the girls basketball team is over, they still had a blast on the team and still love basketball.