The Great War: Fortnite vs Minecraft

The Great War: Fortnite vs Minecraft

Have you seen the top two “games” fight? In one corner is Minecraft developed by Mojang, Minecraft was a #1 game on app/physical stores since it came out. It was popular among all of video and streaming sites, but soon after Minecraft, an online shooting game titled Fortnite was released. Its popularity skyrocketed and was very well known. At first when the game was released, the game was not that popular because no one really knew what the game was. The company who made Fortnite is called Epic Games.

 Minecraft is a survival game that starts with nothing (just your fists). The goal of the game is to get to the end and beat the ender dragon, although it really does not end. You can also go into Creative Mode and have unlimited resources. Fortnite and Minecraft have made many people excited though some adults think that one or both games make gamers crazy and/or will influence us about gun violence and weapons. The new generation is gaming and this is a fight between what hundreds of millions of people argue about. 

Many people have been playing Minecraft, recently Fortnite has become more popular. Fortnite: Battle Royale came out and became the number #1 on the trending list for video games. It took over Minecraft and people started playing Fortnite all the time and Minecraft stopped being popular. People thought Minecraft started getting boring and gamers stopped playing it. Fortnite is very addicting and you can find yourself broke from buying the currency, V-bucks. Jacob Kafeety and Simmon Ramos say that, “The old Fortnite is really good and is a 9/10, however, the new Fortnite is about a  5/10.”

The new updates for Fortnite have only upset players, they enjoyed the old Fortnite more. Fortnite now has 230 million players while Minecraft now has 480 million players. The game started getting worse during season 10. Then Chapter Two came along and revived the game by a little. The people who have been playing the game for a long time say that Epic Games has ruined the game and made it boring.

Many people think that Minecraft is better than Fortnite or vice versa  Though, many people think that they are the same and they are both really good games. Including Lazerbeam and Pewdiepie, popular youtubers. Though Pewdiepie only played Fortnite once and Minecraft a lot more, he still likes them both. Fortnite headquarters are expanding in North Carolina. The Minecraft headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Fortnite was made July 21, 2017. Minecraft was made in May 17, 2009. So yes Minecraft was made way before Fortnite and was way more popular. Then Fortnite took over Minecraft. but statistically, now Minecraft is better and a more popular game.