Herman Carnival


If you have ever walked into the Herman/Adventure gym then you would expect to see people playing sports. But when you walk in the gym you wouldn’t expect to see carnival games being played. If you want to socialize with your friends and family while playing amusing carnival games, then the Herman/Adventure carnival is the perfect place for you. You can score marvelous prizes such as candies, stickers or even raffle tickets which will help you win a gift card to someplace of your choice.

The Herman/Adventure carnival is an annual event for students, families and staff to enjoy while playing a variety of carnival games and eating delicious food. The carnival usually happens in the fall and this year it took place on November 7th 2019. The school carnival usually happens every fall and around 200 students and families attend. There are about 25-30 small booths where you get to play entertaining games like bean bag toss, darts, mini golf and much more. There are usually 1-2 people working at a booth. Both students and staff can work at the booths. 

There is a cakewalk that takes place on the stage. A cake walk is similar to musical chairs where you walk around in a circle while music plays and once the music stops, you have to stand on a dot before someone else does. The person who isn’t standing on a dot is out. You play until there is one person left. “The cake walk was my favorite game at the carnival because if we won we would get to pick a cake of our choice,” says Jaqueline Martinez Betancourt. The cake walk was probably one of the most fun and popular games at the carnival. 

There are other activities at the carnival like face painting and guessing games. If you win or do really good at a game, you get prizes such as candy and stickers. The carnival went from around 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. There are places to sit and hang out with your friends like the bleachers or outside. You can eat food outside. To buy food you have to get a food pass and then pick what you want to eat which could either be hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn and much more.

Many students in Adventure enjoyed the Herman carnival. “I liked that we got to spend time with our friends and win prizes,” says Jeanny Le an Adventure/Herman student who attended the carnival. Almost everyone who attended the carnival played it and loved it. About 30 people ended up winning the cake walk. Another game that was very popular was the ring toss game. The carnival is a really fun event that takes place every year and raises a lot of money for our school.