Great America Winterfest 2019


Disneyland isn’t the only amusement park that is transformed into a holiday spectacular, California’s Great America (GA) is remade into a holiday park filled to the brim with festive attractions along with the same classic rides that everyone can enjoy. Whenever we pay a visit to Great America Winterfest, we see all different types of ages enjoying the amusement park. There were alot of high thrill attractions included most populated by teens. During the holiday season, Great America opens in November and lasts till the end of December. The park is transformed into a winter wonderland complete with snow, holiday shows, decor and also for guests to skate in front of Carousel Columbia. They also turn some of the rides into Christmas themed attractions. Complete with lights, holiday characters, christmas decor, and the famous lit tree, Great America is the place to be when celebrating the holidays. 

Winterfest lasts from November 29th – 31st. Park hours go from 5pm – 10pm on most days but some days GA is open from 6pm – 10pm or 5pm – 12am. If you plan to visit Winterfest next holiday season, our recommendation is to go earlier on if possible to avoid crazy wait times and lots of people. They are opened for a good month so you have plenty of time to ride all of the rides and visit all the holiday attractions. In 2019, we went on the last day it was open and it was packed with people. There were at least 40 minute waits for each ride.  The most crowded rides are The Patriot the thrill roller coaster, Railblazer the roller coaster, and Goldstriker the 100% wooden roller coaster. A couple of the normal thrill rides are not open for Winterfest like Demon, Drop Tower, and Tiki Twirl. 

We interviewed two of our classmates that have been to GA Winterfest last year and in past years. Only some rides stay open for Winterfest. “ I like Goldstricker the best because it’s fast,” seventh grade student Dominic Ortiz said. We also interviewed Jacob Kaffeety on this topic as well. “ The patriot ride is my favorite because the seats have a lot of space and it’s the color blue.” Jacob explained. We noticed that kids our age (12-13) would much rather go on rides rather than admiring the extraordinary cheery decorations that blanket the park. “ When I go to Great America Winterfest, I usually walk around and go on the swings.” Dominic told us when we asked how he usually spends his time there. Jacob answered similarly  but he also enjoys watching the shows at the Great America Theater.   

Great America Winterfest is a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family, with rides and decorations there is so much to see and do. One hack we have is to get the Great America app to check wait times for all of the attractions and shows for the best time. Overall Great America Winterfest is an amazing park to celebrate the holidays at and would be fun for the whole family.