Animal Cruelty


 Animal  cruelty is a problem globally, but barely anyone pays attention to its effects on humans and animals. It’s incredibly hard to find but no one realizes that these animal’s mental and physical health is getting severely abused every single day.  People all over the world are affecting animals with or without noticing. Animal abuse usually happens in environments where it’s isolated like in houses or farm houses. We should all take a step and think about our doings to abusing the use of animals and pets. 

 Every year, there’s 900 to 2,000 cases relating cruelty of animals, there are cases of animal abuse everyday. These numbers are extremely  hard to find because animal abuse isn’t one of the common crimes you would think of, like battery or theft. Studies have shown that people that have been animal abusers are most likely to also be violent towards people. These abusers should consider mental services in order to cope with how their brain thinks this is okay, this might be because this is a stress reliever.

Every State has a law about no animal cruelty and yet every year people get in trouble for participating in animal cruelty, most of the time it’s from neglect of the animal. Finding an animal abuser is absolutely no easy task to do, it may be difficult to see when your around a person who has done a crime of animal abuse. Animal abuse is physically hurting the animal this may be more obvious to some extent.

tells me, “It’s not good and it should be fixed, animal cruelty hurts the animals and the owner is effected too,” coming from a well educated 10 year old it’s obvious that her statement is correct. The animals are severely affected by your actions towards them if your caring and loving towards your pet it will be more open and trusting to you, if you chose to do the complete opposite of how you treat your animal will be frightened, scared, distrusting of you and all you do is hit and abuse them then it will abuse the use of a pet and the animal itself. 

In conclusion animals don’t deserve to be abused for no good reason, they are here to be your friend and in return your love back. Never have they ever wanted bad things to happen to you, but then there are people in this world who abuse that fact.Animal Cruelty is a known problem all around the world, we should help these animals who can’t get any proper care and do something about the animals who can’t speak for themselves or be treated right with an abuser in their home.

Camille W. explains the thought process of a normal individual thinking about animal cruelty. As Camille explains to me what her opinion on cruelty of animals she