The Stress of Charity Fair

The Stress of Charity Fair

       When December rolls around the corner each year, students become anxious but, overall excited, because the time for AdVenture STEM’s annual Charity Fair has arrived. While it may seem fun, it comes bearing stress and anxiety to students and teachers. Charity Fair is a tradition that started as a small math project but, turned into one of the biggest events here at AdVenture STEM.

        The main goal for the assignment is for students to choose an organization in the Bay Area, California, or in the U.S. That helps with certain problems in the world. For example, shootings, bullying, pollution, homelessness and many more. Now that the student has his or her cause they want to donate to, they will be put into groups that want to fight similar problems in the world. After this process they now have to work with their group and craft a product that is related to their charities, as well as what they believe that they could make good revenue from.

        The students will present their ignite presentation in the classrooms afterwards. They will try to convince their teachers that their charity is the best one to donate to. Then, in the gym, the students will be selling the products that they have been working on for the past few weeks. Once the students sold all of their products and have raised all of the money possible, they can pack up their things and go home. In the following weeks, these students present and try to convince student council that their charity is the best charity to donate to. Student council will choose four charities, one per grade, then all of the proceeds from charity fair goes to those four charities.

       Ms. Garcia is a fifth to eighth grade teacher at Herman’s AdVenture STEM program. “I think that it is positive because it gives them the spirit of giving and gives them a chance to see something new. Yes, I understand that there’s lots of stress but in the end it’s worth it.” 

        Phoebe Luong, an eighth grade student, said ”It’s a mix of both really. It’s positive because the students get to put in creativity in their products. It’s negative because there’s a ton of stress with deadlines and not getting things right all the time so it makes the students kind of break down.”

        Overall Charity Fair is a huge project and takes a lot of time to get to the end point.This is also a stressful time for many students and teachers all together, but the end product is really worth it. They help promote these problems  in the world and help eliminate these problems by donating to the charities. Charity Fair is also very good for students because it helps students realize that there are huge problems in the world, and they can get better by working in groups, expressing ideas, critical thinking, and much more. So what will you do to help?