They are ‘That Class’!


It’s the third year 7th grade Elective students have been publishing articles to the Patriot Power about who’s who and what’s what at Herman Intermediate and AdVenture STEM. Some years, reporters for the Patriot Power have been prolific writers and published as many as seven articles each by mid-spring. Other years, it’s taken fledgling reporters until Thanksgiving to publish their first articles. I’m proud to announce that this year’s Digital Journalism 7B students are ‘that class’! All 34 of them are here, pretty much, every day. They like to find mistakes we made even in years past. As a class, they are insatiable, funny and like to keep their teacher on her toes.

Take a look at their staff profiles; their photos speak volumes to the depth of their personalities. As as class, they have published 16 articles to date and are already working on their second articles. They hate wearing their press passes. They love having creative control over choosing their topics. Neila Martinico and Nick Boniface have ‘Rocked the Casbah’ as our first pair of Editors-in-Chief. They proudly announced this morning that Digital Journalism, historically, has published 312 articles over the past two years and two months. Booyah! Enjoy reading our first edition of the Patriot Power, Herman/AdVenture’s online school newspaper.