New Teacher at AdVENTURE STEM

Getting a new teacher isn’t something that always happens at school. Sometimes people get mean or strict teachers, other times people can get really nice ones. This time, however, we got an awesome history teacher, Ms. Albergotti. She took over for the history teacher, Ms. Wilkinson. Ms. Albergotti teaches 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade history, and 7th Digital Journalism. She has taught 3 years in Korea and a couple of years at Oakland Tech School. She had also taught at Charter Academy. She came to teach at AdVENTURE during the 2019-2020 school year. 

While she taught in Korea she really loved the place. She now revisits Korea every other summer. Some of the reasons why she likes it so much are food, shopping and being considered family with her students. She loves to see her students children and she also loves the fact that she is considered their “Aunt D’Nei”. Originally, Mrs. Albergotti wanted to pursue the dream of becoming a doctor. But she rethought this idea when she met her history teacher in college. The way he taught was different though she loved the way he taught. She also loved the way that he would tell stories about history.

We interviewed some of the seventh graders that had been here since 5th grade. We did interview some new ones too. “I like how her classroom operates, and that she posts assignments early.” says Jeryah Machado, a seventh grader new to AdVENTURE. Her seventh grade world history class has just finished their Mind Maps project. “She gives us time to do our work, and is a little bit flexible when it comes to what’s due,” says Isabella Himan, a seventh-grade student that has been in AdVENTURE since fifth grade.