New Principal: Ms. Flores

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Meet our new principal Ms. Flores! After almost 10 years, former principal Mrs. Meusel was promoted to a higher job in the Oakgrove School District, overseeing the whole district. Since 2012, Ms. Flores worked at Anderson Elementary School, then soon got offered a job here at Herman/Adventure Middle School. Students and staff have experienced listening and working with her and we wanted to hear out some of those opinions.

Not many people have met our new principal and we want to give the students a chance to get a little better view of what the staff think of her and what some students like about her after only hearing her over the announcements and at an assembly.  Seventh grade student, Sareenah Flores has known her for a few years due to her brother being at the school she was last principal at. “She’s really nice and makes funny jokes.” She said. 

“I think they both are really funny and have a great sense of style.”  Mrs. Zaccheo said, an Adventure teacher. “I love the school!” Ms. Flores answered.  She has been in the educational department for almost 27 years, her previous schools being Bernal, Davis, and Anderson, with a list going on. Another Adventure teacher Ms. Mcmillan verbalized that she had a friend that went to school with Ms. Flores.  “From what I heard, she’s a very strong leader. Over the announcements I feel like she adds a lot more jokes and music, while Ms. Meusel would just get straight to the point quickly.” 

From what we’ve heard, it seems like she is a very funny, lighthearted, and exciting principal. “She is very positive, supportive towards students and staff, and a great problem solver!”  Our vice principal, Mr. Podczaszy stated. Mr. P worked alongside Ms. Meusel for 2 years as a teacher, and 3 more as the vice principal. “I think one of the hardest jobs of being a new principal at a new school is understanding the new systems and leaving a lasting mark at the school.”  Mr. P also said, it seems like Ms. Flores has adjusted well with the school and is doing a great job as a principal.