First impressions of IT Chapter Two

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The thrilling sequel to the first movie IT screamed into theaters on Friday, September 6th and made over $1 million dollars during its first week in theaters. The first movie came out in 2017 and was a big hit. IT the original was one of the most watched horror movies in all time. IT Chapter Two focuses on the shapeshifting cosmic evil most commonly known as Pennywise the clown. His trademark red balloon also makes an appearance in the new film. The red balloon is an illusion that lures someone to their death. Sequels to classic movies usually come out to be a little disappointing. Movie goers and critics seem to agree with that statement. The first movie was released on September 8, 2017. IT Chapter Two filming took place in Pinewood Toronto Studios. Some of the scenes in the new IT movie were taken in/around Port Hope, (town hall), Oshawa (city), Toronto, Ontario. IT was premiered at Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles. 

 In most circumstances sequels aren’t nearly as good as the originals, critics seem to say the same thing about IT Chapter Two. The spin off of the original movie had big shoes to fill. “But really, the main problem with Chapter Two is that it goes on, and on, for so very long,” states the website Cinemablend. The 2 hour and 50 minute film dragged on and on according to them. Also in sequels, directors try to cram every idea and scene into the second film to fit everything. This is a problem and it becomes hard for the audience to follow along. “While IT Chapter Two brings their story to a conclusive and largely satisfying end, it disappointingly walks right into the same trap as many sequels. Bloated with story ideas, characters and, most noticeably, running time — not to mention excessive CGI — Chapter Two is at times harder to hang on to than an escaping balloon.” a critic mentioned. 

Not many students have watched the original IT because it is rated R. We interviewed our history teacher Ms. Albergotti. We questioned her about her first impressions on IT Chapter Two. “I was kind of annoyed that they made another but there was some intriguing scenes but I wouldn’t watch it.” Her opinion is like the critics, the sequel isn’t worth watching. She responded, “No, sequels are usually not better than the original, and my friends watched it already and said they weren’t impressed. I usually use them to see the movie before me to tell me if it’s good.” When we interviewed our fellow classmate Juan Medrano in the other class his first impressions of the new film was, “It looked good as in there was a lot of jump scares, good quality and acting. I liked it because it didn’t have that many jumpscares and the few that were good.” Juan watched the first movie and was eager to see the sequel. 

Over all, the first impressions on IT Chapter Two are not good. With an almost three hour running thength and simply the fact it is the sequel to the record breaking haunting movie. Critics, teachers, and classmates have a common opinion. IT Chapter Two didn’t uphold its reputation from the classic that came out two years ago. The only thing that the fans weren’t disappointed by was the personality of Pennywise. “The clown even succeeds as an insult comic, riffing on the main characters any chance it gets.” the website Esquire states. During the filming of the horror movie, the director said he even got a visit from Pennywise in his nightmares. The sequel had a lot to live up to, but after the legendary first film, IT Chapter Two was a bit of a disappointment.