New Chromebooks


Newer keypad, better graphics, easier touch screen, the advanced features included in the newer chromebook models are endless. Chromebooks are very beneficial because they can help students complete their work faster and more efficiently. The quality of the chromebooks is significant to the amount of productivity in a classroom, especially for schools that commonly use tech as a learning resource, like the Adventure STEM program.

This school year, (2019-2020), the District Office provided most schools in the Oak Grove School District with new chromebooks. The reason we have new tech is because our old chromebooks were either damaged, broken or had tech problems that couldn’t be fixed. Chromebooks are a big part of how students learn. With chromebooks, school is more enjoyable for kids because there are fun educational apps that teach you things through playing games. Technology is a huge part of education in modern times because most careers are based off of computers programming so it’s important that kids our age (5th-8th grade) are exposed to computers and comfortable using them.  

Most students like the new chromebooks, while others prefer the old ones. “My favorite part about the new chromebooks would probably be the touch screen, I like how it can bend all the way back to a 360 degree angle.” says Dominic Marino, a 7th grade student at Adventure. “I like how you can zoom in with your fingers,” says Jeanny Le, 7th grade student at Adventure. Most kids like the touch screen feature on the new chromebooks. However, Ms. Albergotti, an Adventure teacher, has noticed that at least 6 students touch the same chromebook every day and their fingerprints leave smudges on the screens.  Some students think there are less tech problems with the new chromebooks and that they load faster. Our old chromebooks were mostly damaged because students didn’t take care of them like they should have. Ms.Albergotti, an Adventure teacher, thinks that for the most part, students will take care of the new chromebooks and treat them respectfully and responsibly.