The History of Halloween


An abundance of people celebrate Halloween but are unaware of the origins behind it. Have you ever wondered about the mysterious history behind Halloween? Over 2,000 years ago, Halloween was once a festival celebrated by a European culture called the Celts. On this day, the Celts believed that creatures with strange powers would wander about on the Earth. 

Because they were afraid of these creatures they wore costumes, lit bonfires, and sacrificed animals to scare away the creatures. Halloween first started being celebrated in America when Irish people moved over to America and shared the tradition. The reason we give out candy on Halloween is because some Celts also used to give sweets to please the creatures so they wouldn’t hurt them.  Not all people celebrate this holiday. This is because of the different traditions that happen around the world. We interviewed Mrs. McMillan, Lucas Zaccheo, and Victoria Ongolea. We got to listen to their opinions/thoughts about Halloween and what they know about the History of Halloween.

Mrs. McMillan stated, “When I was younger I used to go trick or treating but not anymore. I sometimes go to work and would dress up for it. I go to school dressed up depending if it is on a school day. It would be entertaining to see. If Halloween was on the weekend, I would be going out with friends for dinner, eating candy, and listen to music. I would pass out candy if people came but sadly I live too far away.”

She has also answered a question about how she does or doesn’t know the history of Halloween. She said, “I looked it up before but I have forgotten it. I would love to know about it though. I would assume that it is a religious holiday because I know that some people don’t celebrate Halloween. I like it because of the participation that the students show and the different costumes that they have which can be entertaining, in my opinion. It’s not so bad. If it was on the actual day like on October 31, then it would be disappointing because then students won’t be able to focus on their work and they won’t be able to learn more about what’s going on in school.” 

Lucas Zaccheo had said, “Yes, my family and I go trick or treating and give out candy. One of the things we don’t do is decorate. We go to our uncles house and go out trick or treating with my cousins and then one person stays back to give out candy. I think it was in the middle ages where kids would go to houses and dance for food and clothes. I would rather have it on a weekend. It would be better if its on a Friday because then we can stay up later.” 

And last, Victoria Ongolea replied, “Yes. I think it is kind of fun and the spirit from children is key. I celebrate Halloween with my siblings because why not. Me and my siblings would dress up wearing costumes, watch Halloween movies, and go trick or treating.”

Victoria has also stated, “I think it is a good and a bad idea because the participating is good and the bad thing is that sometimes children would want to go crazy about candy so they would want more than one or two candies, leaving their manners left aside. No, I did not know any history about Halloween. I thought it would be interesting to know the History of Halloween though. I wanted to know because Halloween is interesting but somewhat strange.”

The origins of Halloween date back to over 2000 years ago with the Celts ancient festivals and Halloween is still going today. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America. And who knows whether Halloween will come to an end, or not.