Schools on Fall Break

Schools on Fall Break

Have you ever felt extremely stressed during the beginning of the year testing and just want a break? Well that’s exactly what you get now. Fall break was added to winter, summer, and spring break. Starting on September 28th and ending October 6th, we get a whole nine days off school to relax or even go on vacation. In this article, we plan on explaining what is fall break, why we have it, and students and staff opinions on this new break.

Lots of students attending Oak Grove School District are excited for this new addition to the school year. A current 7th grader here at Adventure STEM, who would like to remain anonymous, had her own opinions on fall break. “Yes, I believe they do because they have as much or even more stress than the students during this time,” was her response when we asked her if she believed that teachers and staff needed this break just as much as the student. 

 Along with students, the teachers are ready for fall break. When we interviewed Ms.Albergotti she had a similar view as our 7th grader. We asked her “Do you think fall break is necessary for staff?”

She responded with, “Yes I do believe fall break is necessary because it allows me and other staff members to recalibrate.”

Mrs.Edward responded with “The fall break comes at the end of the first grading period, so it’s perfectly timed for teachers and students.” when we asked her if she believed that fall break was necessary.

We have mentioned all the people who are excited for break, but that’s not the case with everyone. ” There’s no need for fall break it extends the school year. It’s god for the teachers but it doesn’t have any use for the students,” Yutong Cui, another Adventure STEM 7th grader, responded. He believes that fall break has no meaning. Students don’t get as stressed as it seems during this time. Some people believe that students get out of their rhythm and when they get back they are slow and it’s hard for students to get up.  

People have mixed feelings about fall break. In the end most people will enjoy their break ad go on vacation. Nick Boniface will go to Utah for vacation. Mrs. Edwards will be going on a train trip with her family. Many other students and staff will go on vacation this break. Finally, Emi Nishihara had fun with some friends at their houses. You don’t need to go all the way to Utah to have a good time, you can just simply hang out with friends to enjoy fall break.