Should Spiderman be owned by Sony or Marvel?


Spider-Man is a well known Marvel character in the MCU and comics, originally created by Stan Lee. The hero made his first appearance in August 1962. The spider-based superhero has been a huge success, and was adored by all fans, until recently, when a dispute between the co-owning companies Disney and Sony. This event took place from August 20 to September 8. The issue was over terms of sharing the character, his appearances in films, and the overall profits. Tom Holland, the most recent actor to portray Spider-Man, and who appeared in films such as Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, will no longer be apart of the MCU (Marvel’s Cinematic Universe).

This is happening because Disney and Sony were unable to come to an agreement, all the rights to Spider-Man reverted back to Sony. However, Vinciquerra, the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, says that the door isn’t fully closed for Spider-Man. Vinciquerra also states that they had a nice run with [Feige] on the newly released Spider-Man movies, and has great respect for all of the terrific people at Marvel. Vinciquerra believes that it’s now their turn with Spider-Man, and states that, “Sony has some terrific people of our own“. For the time being, Sony is the sole owner of Spider-Man, this makes it easier for the Spider-Man franchise to crossover to the Venom franchise. Despite the transfer in ownership, many fans do think that there is still a chance for Spider-Man to be in another Avengers movie.

The fall out between the sony and marvel debate lead people to either caring and having strong feelings about the MCU taking off Spiderman and what would happen to the whole franchise or they couldn’t care less about what was happening. But for the people who care about what is going on, they would want to know all of the details about what happened between Marvel and Sony. This debate happened because Sony and Disney couldn’t reach a deal with finances over the rights of SpiderMan which ended up with Spiderman being taken off the MCU.

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James Hansen is a seventh grader at Herman AdVenture, James Hansen was interviewed about his thoughts regarding Sony and Marvel’s decision for the rights to SpiderMan. “I am sad about the decision about the rights for SpiderMan and think that the two studios should compromise a little more.” Isabella Himan another Seventh grader at Herman AdVenture shares what she thinks about the decision, “ I don’t like this decision because Feige’s SpiderMan movies have done so well and the movies has many supporters.”

For now, we have been hearing mixed messages for the future of SpiderMan being in the MCU. Many people think that the door is fully shut for SpiderMan but for others, they think that their is still a chance for SpiderMan to be in the MCU. Sony has now recently reported that they have offered Disney 30% of SpiderMan. Many reports have suggested that the two studios are still figuring out a deal for the future of SpiderMan. The new deal will allow Disney to get 30% of SpiderMan, as long as the character Venom is introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The outcome of this result hasn’t exactly worked out how everyone wanted it to be. The end result was that Spiderman got sold to Sony for their “original deal to receive 5% of the theatrical gross for the films.” But both of the films together grossed in over $2 billion dollars on a $335 million dollar budget. In the end, Sony bought SpiderMan rights for a sum of 25 million dollars because with all of the money that the SpiderMan movies grossed, Sony couldn’t buy Spiderman for a sum of money under 5-10 million dollars, they had to go big and buy the rights for 25 million dollars. So after all, SpiderMan is with Sony but there are many possibilities to what could happen. The character Venom could get introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which could start a whole nother chain of interesting story plots to happen. But if this would happen, how would the other Marvel characters react to this?