Student Exhibition Night


In Adventure, there has been something to show off their students skills. Student Exhibition Night is a mandatory event for all students of Adventure to attend. It is a great way for parents to see what their child has been working on at school. Four times every year, Adventure hosts a Student Exhibition Night. Each event lasts for about an hour. Every student or group of students has something unique to offer to all the parents who gave up their time to come and see their child’s work. This event is not only a great way to aid students in their presenting skills, but it is also a chance for parents to see the hard work students have put in their project.

Each year, there are four different student exhibition nights. The 2019-2020 school years first exhibition is in October, the next is charity fair in December, then the open house in March, with the final exhibition night is in May to conclude the year. In the first Exhibition Night, students get to choose what project they want to do from any of their classes. Students have the option to work in small groups or by themselves. They are required to make a trifold, and if necessary they could display a 3D model. It is presented like a gallery where people walk up to see the exhibits and the students get to talk about what they have worked on. 

Charity Fair is different from the other three. during Charity Fair, students get to work in groups to make ignite slideshows with only images. Participants will be giving a speech to the audience. They also get to construct products to sell, then the school donates all profits to the winning charities. During the year 2018-2019 the students had to do a project about the global water crisis and its conservation, accessibility, and sustainability issues. The students have to work in groups to make a trifold about the given topic. It’s presented like a gallery.

In March during the open house, students could work in groups or by themselves and have to make a trifold. It is presented like a gallery similar to the first exhibition night. Anyone interested can come to see students projects, which is a great way to show students interested in enrolling what we do here at Adventure. In the final exhibition night, the students get to work on science topics.

During Student Exhibition Nights, students get to show people the projects that they are proud of. Students get to do it four times a year, in October, then in December where students make products and sell them to raise money for charity, later in February and in May which is about Science.