The Future of Esports

People all over the world love the Olympics and look forward to watching it every four years. Athletes from all over the world train for the chance to compete in the games and win. It has been a competition that began nearly three thousand years ago. However, there is talk of a new sport, Esports, being added to the 2020 Olympics that are being held in Tokyo. Will eSports really be added to the 2020 Olympics and, if so, does it really belong?

It was April 17, 2017 when the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced a partnership with Alisports (pronounced a-lee-sports). The article, “The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced a partnership on Monday with Alisports, the sports arm of Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, to introduce Esports as a demonstration sport at next year’s games in Indonesia, with full-fledged inclusion in the official sporting program at the Hangzhou Games in 2022,” claims The Guardian.  Esports is popular, but some people believe it doesn’t belong in the Olympic Games. When asked if adding eSports was a good idea, Kate Granados, a 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM, said, “I think its stupid because the olympics is for sports not video games.”

We have the opinion of a normal girl, who thinks that the idea of Esports in the Olympics is stupid & doesn’t make sense, and some people would really agree, they would also want Esports out of the Olympics, but what about the opinion of an Esports gamer. This is a big opportunity for professional gamers all around the world, a chance to be famous & compete in one of the biggest events ever, they must also be glad, because they don’t have to pay a tax for winning & competing, unlike their other tournaments.

The FNCS Grand Finials just finished, In the NA-EAST Region TSM_Zexrow, Yung Calculator and TSM_MackWood were able to take home the victory royale for $300,000. The Fortnite Solo World Cup winner, Bugha was taxed $1.6 Million out of his $3 Million. Players like Yung Calculator were taxed $39.2k as the factor of him being a citizen in 3 different Countries. Do you think you should be taxed for everywhere you are a citizen or just where you currently live? Lucas Zaccheo said “No, they should only be taxed for where they currently live, for example my mom lives in America but is an Australian citizen, lucky she doesn’t have to pay taxes for both. But overall No you should only pay taxes for where you currently live.”

In conclusion, the 2022 Olympics will be featuring Esports for the first time ever. Fortunately, players in the Olympics do not have to pay taxes. And Fortnite players are getting absolutely ripped out of their money when it comes to paying taxes.