Bands Perform at Fall Concert


Angelina Ongolea, Reporter

As Herman and AdVenture Band students prepared for the Halloween Concert, they were excited.  This concert took place in the Herman’s Cafeteria on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  All of the students gathered at 6:45 p.m before the concert to perform and dress in the proper attire. If they chose, they could wear their Halloween costume for the performance. The audience was also encouraged to wear their costume as well, if they wanted. This set the mood for the Halloween Concert.

At this concert, they wanted all of their progress and practice to be worth it. The Band Director was proud and confident the band was ready to perform in front of an audience.  On that Wednesday, students brought their instruments, music, and their best behavior to showcase all their hard work at school.

Reporter Angelina Ongolea asked Sasha McLin “What is the most important when learning music?” and she said, “Learning notes is just as important as learning new music .  You can’t play the music if you don’t know any of the notes. Be sure that you focus on your scales.”  If she were to rate Band from 1-10 she would rate it at a 7, because sometimes she played the wrong notes and her notes were drowned by others.  

AdVenture students go to band at 7:15 in the morning. Sasha said that she does not like this format. She thinks that it is not healthy for the body. Reporter Ongolea asked McLin, “How long do you think you are going to stick with your instrument?” Sasha thinks that she will stay in  band until the end of high school.  If she were to play another instrument it would be the trumpet because most of her friends play that instrument.  

Did you know that band students who join Concert Band get to travel and get to go to Great America for one of their band concerts? As for Jazz Band, that band gets to travel all over as well. The Jazz band will be attending and performing at the Reno Jazz Festival and will have another concert the month before they travel out of state.