Goodnight, Digital Journalism 2018-19


As teachers, every so often we have a class of students who teach us more than we probably teach them. That was my Digital Journalism 7B class this year. Chalked full of personality, wide-eyed and wicked smart, they walked into class last August with no prior experience. This afternoon, they put their fifth and final edition of Herman/AdVenture’s digital publication, the Patriot Power, to bed.

Writing articles was not enough for these pioneers. Their co-adviser, Ms. Wilkinson, taught them how to publish podcasts and a few risk-takers published our Patriot Power’s first TEDTalks. Students enjoyed being part of the audience for their TED Talks and showed off their mad skills editing each others’ articles. Two exemplary students, Daniela Diaz Tostado and Christian Miyoko, quietly stole the show as our best Editors-in-Chief, not once, but twice.

As we wrap up the year, I just want to say, “Good job, AdVenture 7A and 7B!” You didn’t make it look easy, but you sure made it look fun. I can’t wait to meet our 60 new reporters in August. They may inherit your press passes, but they will never replace the indelible impression you left on our hearts…

Signing off, Jodi Edwards-Wright
Co-Adviser, Patriot Power, Digital Journalism