8th Grade Memories


As we know, it is getting close to the end of the school year. Many kids are awaiting the final day to freedom, counting days, minutes and even seconds. But, this should be a time to cherish memories, friends and many other people. It’s the last days of an important school year. At the moment, 8th graders are either ravished with the excitement of the last days of their middle school years, or they’re saddened with the thought of the end to all their years filled with exciting days. Here at AdVenture STEM, many students that are currently in 8th grade have been able to enjoy their experience here for four years, starting from 5th grade.

Throughout the years, so many memories were made from every individual, whether they were good or bad. Friends were made, friends were lost. Happy times and sad, restless nights and calm ones. Unescapable drama with toxic fakes. Some words of wisdom and needed advice, why not? From 5th to 8th, progress is only bound to be shown. So, it’s now time to share these happy memories, and what better way to do that than asking the 8th graders, right? Right.

Most 8th grade AdVenture students have been here since 5th grade. This means that they have enjoyed the full four year experience at AdVenture. Desmond, Eliana, and Elizabeth are all current 8th graders at AdVenture who started their journey in 5th grade. They all claim to have had a nice experience yet, 8th grade became pretty hard. Nevertheless, they had a lot of fun throughout all their years, with friends and classmates all the same.

Some of the best memories date back to their first year at AdVenture, 5th grade. These first encounters sparked a long lasting friendship. Take Elizabeth, for example, it was the very first day of 5th grade. She barely knew anyone there and really had no one to call a friend, yet. Fortunately, Elizabeth was very prepared on that particular day while someone was not. Who knew a pencil sharpener, a needed one in this situation could spark a friendship?

Other memories could be annual, in this case, it is! Patriot Games. Every year, different AdVenture classes come together to make games and have fun! Eliana, 8th grader, gets to enjoy these games with her friends and classmates. Patriot Games are pretty fun, ask anyone!

Desmond, also an 8th grader that has been here for four years, explained something truly emotional. With four years of being with, mostly, the same people, they don’t really feel like classmates or friends anymore. “They feel like family,” said Desmond, smiling at the thought. He is right, most 8th graders that have stayed their full years here have felt the same. They all feel like a big family.

The many years of experience comes with words of wisdom and advice. Simple things like ‘Finish your work on time’ or ‘Don’t get the teachers mad’ seem like sensible advice, which they are, but they are said and repeated a lot by different students. Now, Elizabeth shared something that one would consider golden advice. “When you have a goal, it is best to have motivation to get to it.”

When one has a goal, but no motivation, it is unlikely for it to be completed with the best of one’s abilities. This advice should teach people that to really complete a goal, you need motivation to get you through it. Weather that goal is achieving good grades, getting into college or pleasing your parents, what one needs the most at is motivation to keep you going. This last piece of advice must be at the top of the list of any incoming 8th grader.