Aladdin the Movie

Aladdin the Movie

On May 24, 2019, the new remake of the classic fairytale we all know and love, Aladdin came to the big screen. After the first animated version created in 1992, they decided to make a live action version in spring of this year. The movie is based on a street urchin who meets a rich princess named Jasmine who is the daughter of the sultan of Agrabah. When he visits her palace, he discovers a magical oil lamp, and inside he unleashes a powerful and huge genie. Aladdin and the genie begin a friendship and are on a dangerous journey to keep the evil sorcerer Jafar from overthrowing princess Jasmine’s kingdom, meanwhile Jasmine and Aladdin begin to catch feelings for each other. The large cast that were behind the scenes of the production of the movie were Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine), Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Will Smith (Genie), and more.

As you may have noticed, Disney has recently been producing many live-action remakes of it’s most popular animated movies. As their goal is to capture hearts (and wallets) for years to come. Another possible reason for doing so is because they want to keep the legacy of all these iconic fairytales living in a modern way. The production of Aladdin (2019) gave Disney a large assist when it comes to their pockets. The movie has earned $496 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest-grossing film of 2019 so far.

A 7th grade student from the AdVenture STEM program at Herman Middle School named Athena Deleon, responded with “a solid ten,” when being asked what she would rate the movie overall on a scale of one to ten “When they were on the magic carpet,” Athena replied when asked about her favorite moment in the new ‘Aladdin’ movie. In addition, the question that concluded her interview was, is the recent ‘Aladdin’ movie similar as the original that was released in 1992. She then replied, “Sort of, there are some things that are different but for the most part it’s pretty similar.”

Then, when asked if Aladdin shares any important or useful life lessons through the movie, Athena shares that it does teach people that it is worse to fake being yourself. She also conveys that there was nothing wrong with the movie or any improvements they could’ve had and that she prefers the 2019 live action version better than the 1992 animated. Overall, she truly does recommend this new movie to watch to everyone, due to the amazing acting the cast produced in the movie, the reason why she has watched it three times.

In short, to the majority of Aladdin’s viewers thought that it was a pretty spectacular movie. When it comes to the cast, production, box-office amounts, reviews and valuable life lessons it teaches, Aladdin is a film you won’t want to miss. See Aladdin playing now in a theater near you.