Leaving the School Year On a High Note: Last Band Concert


As the end of the 2018-19 school year at Herman/AdVenture Intermediate approaches, the Band at Herman/AdVenture wanted to finish strong by ending the year with a high note. The solution was a concert that was held on May 15, 2019 at 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening, inside of the gym at Herman Intermediate. The band is made up of 300 Herman band participants, from grades fifth to eighth, who perform for their family and friends of the Herman community. It was constructed and coordinated by Christine Lovejoy, the director of the Band at Herman/AdVenture. The theme of this last concert was Hollywood, starring popular songs from The Avengers to the theme song of Star Wars.

These type of moments stand out and are unforgettable because this concert will be a way to show the band’s progress. In addition, the families as well as the performers were able to appreciate the last show of the year. The director, Ms. Lovejoy, the Beginner (5th and 6th) Band, Herman Band, Advanced Band, Jazz Band and the 8th Grade Band harmonizing all at once to execute one remarkable masterpiece.To grasp at how the Band at Herman/AdVenture has progressed in skill from the Day-One of Band, a couple students were interviewed to express their opinion on how the Herman/Adventure Band has improved.

Ritika Samant, currently a 7th grade student at AdVenture and band member, stated that, “My expectation was that everyone would enjoy the performance and the songs that we prepared for the show.” When asked if she had attended previous band concerts and based off that what was her opinion on how the band was going to perform, she replied with, “Yes, I have [attended past concerts] and based off that, the band is going to perform with less mistakes as they have in prior years.” Overall, she expected to be a much bigger improvement from lat concerts due to the improvement and enjoyment.

Kaelyn, another current 7th grade student at Adventure and band member, when asked about what she expected from this year’s last band concert, she responded with, “I expected it to be great.” She was also asked about how she thought of this last concert theme and if she thought of it as a creative them. Her reply was, “I think it’s cool. It is the same as every year but it is really enjoyable.” We then finalized with a personal question, which is asking er on how she has improved from the beginning of the year. Kaelyn then said,“I have improved in range, sight reading, note accuracy and tone [with her instrument].” In conclusion, this seventh grader believes that it was, yet again, a successful concert which she thinks that it will be memorable to the band members, family and friends since the improvement has been made from the beginning of the year, to this day.

Overall, the band members along with the family and friends enjoyed the last concert, since of the many memories written out throughout the night. The members of the band believed that the last concert has truly shown their bright skills that  they have learned these passed few months or years! Even though the band of the night felt anxiety, nervousness and excitement all at the same time before the concert, they pulled it off with a high note that will be something to talk about for the rest of the year. Special thank you to Ms. Lovejoy who has teached and conducted all of the band all of this year, ending with a great result. All we can ask ourselves is, what do we expect on next year’s band?