2019-2020 Student Council


Have you ever wanted to be a leader, or have a say in decisions for the school? Then Student Council would be perfect for you! It may be a little late to enter in now, but we will still give you all details and how everything has been done. First off, the morning announcements announced the Student Council elections’ beginning. For AdVenture, the sheets you would have to fill out were in Mrs. Hogen-Esch room, and for the students at Herman, the papers were located in the office. On each sheet, you had to get 25 students to sign to as well as two teacher signatures in order show that the Herman community believe you would be the right candidate for the position you are running for.

After finishing the sheets and turning them in on May 21, the candidates had to create a video describing why they felt that they would be the best candidate for the student council. The videos needed to be turned in by May 26 to Mrs. Hogen-Esch, the teacher in charge of the AdVenture elections. The voting was taken on June 3rd, all videos for AdVenture had been shown. Sadly there were not enough people that had been filling out the applications to be apart of the Herman Student Council. Currently, there is not a full Student Council for Herman. These elections will occur next year.

The meetings that will be happening next year were said to be Herman and AdVenture coming together and making decisions for the school overall. Though Herman and AdVenture will have business-like meetings, AdVenture has meetings of their own to determine what can be added to the AdVenture side or to be discussed if something wrong is happening on the side. These meetings would be held in Mrs. Hogen-Esch’s room. These meetings would not be very frequent but only to check in with everyone.

The reason students run for Student Council is because they want to express their passion of leadership. Students feel as though they want to show that they can be leaders, or it is something they had wanted to do for a while and brought up the courage to do it. For example, Ritika Samant is a 7th grade student at AdVenture STEM who had ran for President. In our interview, we had asked her why she had wanted to run for President, or why she had wanted to run for Student Council at all. Her reply was,“ I wanted  to run for President because I was interested in the role of being a caretaker of the school, making decisions that would benefit or not benefit our school. It will also be my last year and I’ve wanted to try it for a while.”

Since elections had been done on June 3rd for the AdVenture side, let us announce the winners for the 2019-2020 year for Student Council. For president, we have Jenika Fernando, vice president is Ariana Estrada, publicist is Hannah Munoz, and secretary is Athena Deleon! If you are still interested in being apart of Student Council but do not want to create a video then an alternative would be to run for class representative. These elections will not be held until fall of the 2019-2020 school year. In order to be or get on the ballot for class rep elections is retrieve a sheet from Mrs. Hogen-Esch for AdVenture students, or from the office for Herman students. Both sheets will be similar to each other, after filling out the sheet, you would just have to do a speech to your class saying why you believe you would be a good representative for that class.

The school wishes our amazing AdVenture Student Council of ladies a great year, and cannot wait to see the variety of people that will join on the Herman Student Council next year. If you are feeling that you could be a type of leader for your school, sign up! What is the worst that could happen?