Herman and AdVENTURE; Spirit Days

Herman and AdVENTURE; Spirit Days

School spirit days are a way for students and teachers to wear something more out of the ordinary, away from the dress code. It could be for supporting a sports team, something that isn’t allowed with the dress code, or  supporting an on going topic. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities to what a spirit day can bring. At Herman and AdVenture STEM our spirit days consist of different colors depending on your grade, sports teams, and just fun things that you wouldn’t be allowed to wear at school. If you participate in these spirit days, it gets points for your home room class, which can gain prizes if we win.

Andrew Coscarelli is a current 7th grader here at, AdVENTURE. He is a very loyal friend and is very funny, him and his friends, Isabelle Dela Rosa, and Xavier Uy,  participated in a spirit day with him, Meme Day, the three of them wore a Spider Man mask to represent, and participate in Meme Day. Andrew’s favorite spirit day was the only one he had participated in, Meme Day. Andrew wishes for some other spirit days to be at his school, such as Twin Day, “Twin day, is where you basically try to match with someone else, and be their twin.” Andrew thought a good amount of spirit days would be 12 in total, one spirit day around every three weeks. This way there is a good amount of them throughout the year, but they don’t occur to often, to impact learning. Finally, Andrew Coscarelli believes that spirit days are a good edition to school because they help relieve stress.

Isabelle Dela Rosa is also a current 7th grader here at AdVenture. She has participated in the color spirit week, and some other spirit days. Isabelle and her friends, Andrew Coscarelli, Andrew Crumm, Xavier Uy, Kaelyn Gormely, and Hannah Munoz all participated in the spirit day, Meme Day. She doesn’t know what spirit days are coming up but will try to participate in some that are upcoming soon. “Spirit days are a good way to have fun while still being at school.” Isabelle believes that spirit days are a good edition to school to include more fun while you learn at the same time.

School spirit is the sense of identity and community shared by members of an educational institution. This definition of school spirit is closely associated with good sportsmanship among students and their families at sporting events and is loosely based upon encouraging each other. Some Herman and AdVENTURE spirit days are coming up are, Sports Jersey Friday – June 7th (coming up), and the Patriot Games – June 10th, 2019 (coming up). A lot of students here are really excited for Sports Jersey Day because our school does not allow sports clothing and Friday is the day to show what team you root for. As well as the Patriot Games, lots of students are also excited about that too.

School spirit days are a way for students and teachers to change what they wear for a certain day. The spirit days can consist of wearing sports teams, colors, etc. These spirit days were created by the student council team. School spirit days can be a good edition to school from some of the responded that were given, spirit days bring more fun to school and can help relieve stress. Spirit weeks often have a central theme that is followed throughout the week. The theme could simply be using school colors, its mascot and other school-related ideas. Other ideas include cartoons, cereals, fairy tales, medieval, fast food, movies, superheroes, the Wild West, Egyptian, Oriental, outer space, on the farm and under the sea.