Climate change: Is it an issue?


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Big City Pollution

Have you ever heard the term “climate change”? Considering that it is a serious problem that affects the world today, and could impact the lives of future generations, many people have heard about this issue. Climate change is the negative result of humans burning fossil fuels. This can cause the heating of the atmosphere by a few degrees. That few degree change may seem like a small change, but it is actually huge. The few degrees hugely affects the environment, and what affects the environment always affects humans.

Climate change is caused when CO2, smoke, methane, and some other gasses are released into the atmosphere. The gasses heat up the atmosphere a few degrees. Most of it is caused by humans and our modern day contraptions and machinery. Factories and cars are some of the main causes for climate change. After all, they release a lot of CO2 and other chemicals. Considering the amount of people that have cars and the amount of factories, it almost seems like climate change is being promoted.

One effect of climate change is rising sea levels. The few degrees increase caused by climate change melts the ice caps, leading to rising sea levels. Since 1990, the sea levels have risen around five to eight inches. That means that climate change could potentially submerge entire continents if nothing is done about it.

Another effect of climate change is that animals will be forced to move. Since the Earth will heat up a few degrees, some animals that need certain conditions to live, will be forced to move. If these animals do not move, they will inevitably die off. Plants will also be affected by climate change. Whether they are crops/garden plants or natural plants, the few degrees change could kill them. It would especially affect humans, because the food quantity would not be enough for the increasing population.

Alex Yashiro, a 7th grader at AdVenture STEM says “I believe in climate change, and I think it is a problem. In the near future it will force us to adapt, but that takes a long time, so we will not be able to, meaning we will die off.” “I believe in climate change and I do think it is a big problem. I think that if nothing is done about it, many animal species will go extinct. One way we can help is to use a lot less plastic” says Kaelyn Gormely, another AdVenture 7th grader.

After these interviews, it is safe to assume that most people want to solve climate change. Scientists estimated that we have to lower our carbon emission by 40% before 2030, or climate change could have a lasting effect.  That means that we have to change if we want to survive. It will be hard, but possible. We should start by riding bikes short distances instead of driving a car (or buying an electric car such as a Tesla) and drinking out of reusable water bottles.

Overall, climate change is a big issue today, and it will be forever if we do not change. One of the worst parts about climate change is that we can do something about it, yet people do not care at all. If you walk anywhere in the world, you will see trash. In some places, people even have to wear masks due to the pollution they caused. If you drive in some areas, there will be factories as far as the eye can see. In 2011, factories (worldwide) pumped out approximately 38.2 billion tons of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere. When you add in the other factors such as cars, the number would be so high it would seem that climate change is being encouraged. It is very scary to think about the future if nothing is done about climate change. Remember, one human does not make much of a difference; what makes a difference is a whole community.